A Pure CSS3 Cycling Slideshow – Guest Post

April 25, 2012

Hello Folks, Smashing Magazine has now published my article / tutorial about the use and construction of a slideshow in CSS3.

Thanks to CSS3, we can create effects and animations without using JavaScript, which will facilitate the work of many designers.

But we must be careful to avoid abusing CSS3, not only because old browsers do not support all of its properties. In any case, we all see the potential of CSS3, and in this article we’ll discuss how to create an infinitely looping slider of images using only CSS3 animation.

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  1. Really cool, Alessio! I had to check the source just to make sure there was no Javascript hiding anywhere and sure enough, there wasn’t!

    One piece of feedback: I feel the hover state using the cursor pointer is a bit misleading, as hovering is functional in your slideshow (it pauses it), but the cursor implies that a click will do something or lead somewhere, which it doesn’t. What do you think? Pretty minor point, I know, but has interesting UX implications in other areas.

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