Glossy Buttons – Photoshop Tutorial

August 9, 2011

Hi guys, this tutorial we will see how to create glossy buttons in photoshop, nothing difficult just to do a bit of practice and have so much creativity!

Let’s get started!


1. Create New File

Open Photoshop, and create a new document at the size of 300px by 200px.

2. Create the Rounded Rectangle

Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool. Draw a rounded rectangle width:140px, height:30px, radius:5px.

Rename your layer in “Button”. Always remember to rename and organize the layers to save time when you should make changes.

3. Blending Options

Now select the button layer, then on the bottom of the layer palette, click on “fx” icon and choose Blending Options

We will start by adding a nice blue gradient to it. Click on the Gradient Overlay check box and click on the gradient panel.

I chose these 2 color: #018eb6 and #00c6ff and stretch the scale to 150%.

Now add a hint of inner shadow. Click on the Inner Shadow check box and make your Opacity to 40%, Distance to 0px, and Size to 10px.

4. Adding the Gloss Effetc to Your Button

Choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Make a selection on the rounded rectangle’s upper half.

Now create a new layer which we will name it “Gloss”. Select the Gradient tool and select the Foreground to Transparent Gradient.

Click your mouse starting at the top of the canvas, and by holding the “Shift” key, drag your mouse down to the bottom of the button.

If the gradient was too heavy, you can lower the opacity on that layer.

Go Download your Copy


  1. Jaydee

    Thanks for sharing. What a plseaure to read!

  2. Big thumbs up – thanks!

  3. Nice post Allessio. And if you need something similar using css only, then try this post

  4. Thanks ..helped !!

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