Set Your Sites Apple Touch Icon

August 9, 2011

Apple’s mobile devices are taking over the world. iPhones and iPod Touches are all over the place.

You can set an Apple Touch Icon for your website just like you can set a favorite icon.

So lets do it!

Set Size

The icon should be 129 pixels wide by 129 pixels tall.

The Code

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/apple-touch-icon.png"/>

Just like the favorite icon. Yet another creative detail to add to your site.

Show people that you care about the details!


  1. Why 129×129 px ?
    Safari Web Content Guide says it should be 57×57, 72×72 or 114×114 px.

    • Since the introduction of the iPad the default size of the apple icon has gone from 58px by 58px to 129px by 129px, you can still create an icon 58px by 58px, however if you want it looking crystal clear on iPads and future Apple devices it’s probably worth creating an icon which is the full 129px by 129px.

  2. I think Mogens Beltoft is right. I always use 58×58. I never heart about 129×129….
    Grat blog!

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for provide a very Good HTML, CSS & also Photoshop Tutorial…!

  4. nice tutorial thanks for provide :) cool

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